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This is my second daily deviation, and I'm so overwhelmed. Thank you to everyone who appreciated the piece, I wish I could get back to you all for all of the nice comments and encouragement. I'm honored! :)
Hey guys, it's been a long time since I wrote a journal here on DA. I look through everyone's comments, and though I haven't had the time to respond, I appreciate every single comment and like.

I found out today my artwork is being used illegally by a tattoo shop. I sent them a cease and desist letter, but I would appreciate the help of those out there that would be willing to send them an additional email or call them asking them to take the work down. I'm irritated that people are still so ignorant about copyright laws. I'm not interested in legal action, I only want what is mine taken down, so if you could take a minute to encourage them to do so, that would be deeply appreciated.

Using this work illegally:…
I did a time lapse video of my most recent piece, and it can be watched here:
10 pm EST tonight! (Twenty minutes)…
I've been home for a few weeks and I've been picking up quite a bit of freelance. I'm excited for what the summer has in store, and since I'm feeling pretty ambitious I've decided to offer commissions again. I'll probably only have two to three spots available right now, and if I sense there's an interest in this, I can start a waiting list. Either message me here or e-mail me at if you would like a commission done.

I would also like to say hello and thank you to all of my new followers! :heart: I post sketch and wips on my tumblr, so feel free to check it out.

My Tumblr

Just a little preview to promote my return to Livestreaming this Sunday @ 10 pm EST. I'll be working on this piece, so feel free to drop by and watch or ask questions. Hope to see you there!
I haven't done a Livestream recently because I've been working on some projects I can't really show anyone. I was considering doing one tomorrow, but with my good luck, I managed to get sick this weekend and my throat is pretty shot. So, depending on how I feel, I'll try and do a Livestream tomorrow (Sunday) same time as always, 10 pm EST. If I still don't feel very good, I may just not speak on it, but I can still answer questions through typing, so by all means, if you're interested stop by!


Well, as it turns out, thanks to Livestream's policies I won't be able to stream the painting I was going to work on. Apparently they're really strict about nudity, regardless if it is in art or not.

Until I can come up with a new piece, seems like Livestreaming will be put on hold.

Sorry everyone!
Doing another livestream tonnight @ 10 pm EST. Come watch!
Starting in ten minutes!
Hey guys, I wanted to thank everyone for all of the comments on my newest piece, and also thank :iconaction-portraits: for featuring my work, as well as grabbing my first ever DD! I'll try and reply to every comment as soon as I can. You guys are awesome. :heart:
Livestream tonight @ 10 pm EST.
I've been doing my best to upkeep on replying to all of the comments, even if it is a simple thank you in response. I just wanted everyone to know that every single comment, like, and watch means so much to me. If I haven't thanked you personally for yours, consider this my gratitude to you. I've had a steady increase of people looking at my work, and believe it or not, that kind of stuff can have an incredible impact on an artist. So thank you guys and I hope you continue to enjoy my art!

I would also like to announce that I'm open for commissions and I also have prints available for sale of my pre-existing work. If you're interested in a commission, please e-mail me @ or note me on here (I will respond to the e-mails faster) and we can discuss what you have in mind. With the holidays coming up I will have more free time available for custom work, so don't hesitate to ask!

So, again, thanks guys! :heart:
Livestreaming @ 10 pm EST.
Livestreaming right now!

My Livestream

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I forgot to update my deviantart while it was happening, but I livestreamed tonight for the first time! I'm super pumped about it, and I hope everyone enjoyed our time together. I'll be trying my best to do a livestream every Sunday at 10 pm EST for those of you that are interested.

My Livestream

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Well, I finally did it- I went and got an etsy. Soon, my shop will carry prints, decks, t-shirts, and more! I will also be taking commissions for shoes in the coming weeks for anyone who is interested in having a custom pair of sneakers. If you would like to see some samples of my shoe work, take a look through my gallery here on deviantart.

My Store
My Site
My Tumblr
Hello everybody! I'd like to announce that coming up very soon prints of my work will be available for purchase. I'm also looking into having skate decks and t-shirts made since an interest was shown for other products. I'll update soon with more details, so look for it in the next month or so.

I'd also like to take a moment to thank everyone who has stopped by to take a look at my work. Every view is appreciated. :)

For detail shots and other projects not seen on my deviantart, please visit my blog.
So, I've had a few people ask about commission work. I thought I would solve this problem by posting my FAQ here.

Here are my starting prices.

Portrait/Bust Lines - 25$

Full Body Lines - 30$

Portrait Bust Painting - 45$

Full Body Painting - 95$

Full Body Painting with Background - 150$

Pricing is always subject to change at my discretion for whatever reason. I can decline to do projects for any reason. Commissions will begin once I receive half of the payment in advance. There can be no time limit for any commission. Usually I can finish them in the projected time I have provided the commissioner. I retain the rights to all artwork.

If you're interested in getting a commission done by me, note me and I can usually get back to you within 24 hours with availability and pricing for your particular job.